How to Use Tax Lien Manager to Protect Your Tax Lien Certificate Portfolio

The primary thing that you need to do to guarantee that your assessment lien is productive is to record your duty lien endorsement with the County. Your expense lien authentication should be recorded in the region records, or it is useless. In certain states this is accomplished for you and you pay a chronicle expense when you buy your lien.

In many states, including New Jersey, this is something tax lien help you will be answerable for and I recommend that you do it immediately, when you get the assessment lien testament. With Tax Lien Manager you can print out a letter to ship off the district assistant with your duty lien certificate(s).

In the Lien Menu, select Current Liens and snap on the Payments tab and the County Filing Letter button. You can utilize the drop down menus to incorporate the entirety of your expense liens for that region. You can monitor the recording charges that you pay and print out oaths to the duty gatherers. You even have 2 diverse oath letters to browse. Expense Lien Manager will even print the envelopes for you.

The following thing that you need to do to expand your benefit in a duty lien testament is to pay the resulting charges on schedule. Duty Lien Manager can assist you with doing this by telling you when you can cover quarterly charges. You’ll see the updates for quarterly expenses on the schedule.

Assessment Lien Manager additionally gives you a letter to the duty authority mentioning the measure of ensuing charges due. You can print this letter and either mail it or fax it to the assessment authority. At the point when you mail in your installment for resulting charges, incorporate an oath printed out from Tax Lien Manager with your installment. These assignments should be possible from the Payments Tab in the lien property data screen of Tax Lien Manager.

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