How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer


If you use a strong smelling perfume, this may not be much of a concern for you. However, persons who wear mild fragrances often Make your perfume singapore face a tough time making it last throughout the day. It wears off easily. Here are a few helpful tips to increase the life of your signature scent.

1. A Proper Selection:

The ingredients packed in the bottle dictate how long a perfume lasts. Ethyl alcohol is a commonly used ingredient. It is added to dilute essential oils. However, these additives make a fragrance less robust. You should choose a potion with the highest concentration of essential oils. Manufacturers state that these potions have a life of 6 hours. It may vary based on an individual’s body chemistry.

2. Place of Application:

You might have observed that while you spray the perfume on your body, a few of your friends or colleagues apply it to certain areas of their body. The specific points include behind the ears, at the back of the neck, behind the knees, temples of the face, at the base of throat and on the inner wrists. There is a reason for it – these are pulse points. Applying perfume to pulse points increases its wear. The pulse points produce heat that release perfume in subtle shots.

3. Time of Application:

The time of application determines how well the perfume clings to your skin. The best time to apply it is after a shower. The skin pores are open. Fragrances also sit well on naturally oily skin. Cosmetic experts suggest applying a tiny bit of Shea butter, cocoa butter or olive oil to the pulse point prior to applying the perfume. The oils bind with the scents and release it gradually.

4. Method of Applying:

Many people dab perfume on their wrists and the next moment they rub one against the other. They do this believing that it will intensify the smell. As a matter of fact, this destroys the perfume notes. You should gently dab drops of scent on your skin and leave it to absorb naturally.

5. Layer Fragrances:

You might want to apply perfume in layers if you want intensify it. What do we mean by layering fragrances? It is easy. For instance, there are soaps, bath salts, body washes, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners and perfumes in floral and fruity scents. Layering fragrances implies using different products with a similar scent. You can use a scented soap or body wash while showering, a lotion after you bathe and dry yourself. Dust talcum powder and finally top it with cologne. It will make the perfume linger for a longer time. If you do not get you signature scent in body care products, you can make your own. Add fragrance concentrates to unscented products.

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